Friends of Gladys Taber

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We are a group of readers who value the writings of the late Gladys Taber​.

We welcome readers to our group of

almost 600 members.

Our Membership Fee for those residing in the USA is $20 (US) per calendar year. We do mail globally, although International Postal rates are higher and must be paid in US dollars. If you live outside the USA, please tell us the country in which you reside when you request information on how to join the FOGT, using the contact tab above.

NEW MEMBERS will receive all 4 issues of our Journals (formerly called "newsletters") of the year in which they join. In  the Fall of that year, you will renew your membership for the FOLLOWING year. For instance, if you became a member during 2015, your 2016 dues will be due in the Fall of 2015, even though you joined during 2015. This means that during your first year, you will need to pay 2 sets of dues, for which you will be receiving 8 quarterly Journals.

Every year, our members receive:

  • 4 quarterly 40 page Journal/newsletters 

  • an invitation to our annual national Reunion which is held in a town associated with Gladys Taber, and

  • invitations to join local, state and regional groups which meet more frequently