What Is The F.O.G.T.?

Who Was Gladys Taber?

       Gladys Bagg Taber (1899 - 1980) produced a large body of work during her lifetime. She wrote over 50 books, including fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, children's books, plays, poetry and more. Her best loved books are her books about her life at Stillmeadow, her farm in Connecticut. This was also the general topic for her two widely enjoyed magazine columns, first in Ladies Home Journal (1937 - 1957) and then in Family Circle (1959 - 1967). Her work also appeared in many other magazines and newspapers, including The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Nation's Business, The New York Sunday News, McCall's, The Writer, and many more.

        We are an organization of readers from across the USA,  Canada, and other countries, who wish to learn more about this well-loved author. We hope someday that her books will be reprinted and we endeavor to introduce more readers to her fine work.


Friends of Gladys Taber

When Will the Next National Meeting of the FOGT Be Held?

        Each year, we have a national meeting to which all current members are invited.  Our next Annual Reunion will be announced in the FOGT Journal, as soon as details are available.  We will enjoy speakers, learn more about Gladys' life and work, and have fun with a raffle and a silent auction of items related to Gladys Taber.

​       If you would like to attend our Reunion next summer, become a member now and you will be eligible to attend.

      There are other benefits to joining the FOGT (click on our Membership page above).  One of the greatest benefits is that you will be among a large group of friends who appreciate this wonderful author.

    Although it is not necessary to attend our Reunions or state chapter meetings, doing so helps you connect with like-minded readers, and  is, as one new member expressed it, "Like coming home again!"